3500 lbs, Mini Excavator

  • $50.00 / Day
  • $300.00 / Week
  • $4,900.00 / Month
  • Rotating turntable
  • Small bucket for small to medium-sized jobs
  • Ideal for trenching, digging, and moving materials

small wheeled tractor under the white background


The 3,500 lb mini excavator is made for construction or maintenance tasks in areas with limited room. The 3,500 lb mini excavator can be found in backyards digging small foundations, or at small to medium-sized construction sites to transfer lumber, piping, or large quantities of dirt, gravel, rubble, or clearing away debris. Equipped with a rotating turntable, the mini excavator allows an operator to easily transfer loads without having to relocate the vehicle. Because of its multi-functionality, the mini excavator is best suited for construction teams and maintenance crews.


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