• $290.00 / Day
  • $630.00 / Week
  • $3,600.00 / Month
Hire with operator
$150.00 / Hour
  • Dozer blade for site clearing and earthmoving tasks
  • Great for uneven, rough terrain
  • 70-79 hp
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The 70–79 horsepower (hp) bulldozer is a great earthmoving asset for construction and maintenance teams. Equipped with a dozer blade for site and land clearing tasks. With rugged tracks designed to navigate rough outdoor terrain, the 70–79 hp bulldozer is great for grading and leveling large swaths of dirt or soil for road construction and maintenance projects. It’s also commonly used for site clearance tasks, like clearing debris and rubble from demolition areas, or heavy-duty maintenance tasks, like plowing snow or removing heavy asphalt or debris from roadsides.


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