Cat C4.4 ACERT

  • $20,536.00 / Day
  • $1,800.00 / Week
  • $5,300.00 / Month
Hire with operator
$150.00 / Hour
  • Can carry between 25,000 – 29,000 lb
  • Great for heavy digging or excavation projects
  • Ideal for construction and maintenance teams
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The 25,000–29,000 lb excavator is a great tool for earthmoving tasks at construction or industrial sites. Complete with tracks designed to navigate harsh, rough or uneven outdoor terrain, the excavator can easily be applied to numerous earthmoving jobs that require the removal or excavation of heavy materials, from digging and trenching tasks to backfilling or transporting earthen materials, like rubble, gravel, or soil. As a key earthmoving tool, the excavator is great for general construction teams or maintenance crews.


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