35000 – 39000 lbs, Excavator

  • $290.00 / Day
  • $630.00 / Week
  • $3,600.00 / Month
Hire with operator
$150.00 / Hour
  • Great for any earthmoving task
  • Carries up to 34,000 lbs
  • Easily navigates rough terrain
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The 30,000 to 34,000 lb excavator is ideal for any construction or industrial project requiring the excavation, relocation or removal of dirt, rubble and the like. Designed for functionality, this excavator allows operators to easily transport loads from digging sites. Because of its ability to handle hefty loads with its boom and bucket, this excavator is also suited for general maintenance tasks like snow removal or removing debris from demolition zones. It’s a useful tool for construction, demolition and maintenance teams.


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